Tips to reduce car insurance premiums

1-Opt for a limited mileage policy :

If you drive less than 4000km or less than 8000km per year, you could qualify for a low mileage policy which could save you between 15 to 20%.


2-Understand and check your cover:

If your car is worth very little, don’t insure it fully comprehensive; cut out the frills with some optional extras you might not need or never use.


3-Drive with care and watch where you park:

Small claims often occur in car parks or on narrow roads, they will lead to the same loss of No claims Bonus as large claims and your excess will apply. Ask yourself whether it is worth claiming for a small incident.


4-Increase your excess:

You will be rewarded with a lower premium 5-Talk to your insurer:

He might well be able to offer solutions to reduce your premium; your fidelity will always be rewarded.


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