Funeral Fees Insurance

Live in peace and protect your family from a financial burden.

The loss of a loved one is an emotional and difficult time for families. Making plans ahead of time for your own funeral will ease some of the stress and relieve your family of a financial burden.

The average cost of a funeral in France is to date around 3350 € for burial and 3609 € for cremation, plus flowers, plus cost linked to the grave.

Funeral cost is considered as a debt of the deceased. Will your heir be able to afford it? Providing the funding and the organisation of your funeral is an efficient way to protect your family from additional worries in difficult circumstances.

With funeral cost insurance your relatives will be freed of any worries linked to the financial side of the circumstances with a capital that will be paid to the beneficiary you have chosen. This beneficiary can be somebody you trust and who will be in charge of the funeral. You can also choose a funeral parlor as the beneficiary.

The contract we offer is opened to subscription up to the age of 84 without any medical formalities or health questionnaire.  You are insured immediately in case of an accident and after a delay of only 1 year in the case of an illness.  The tariff is based on your age at the date of subscription and is fixed throughout the policy duration. You can choose to pay over a defined period of time or for life.

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