How to declare a vehicle accident

Accidents have to be declared to your insurance company within 5 working days.


The ‘Constat d’accident’ needs to be filled in by both parties, click ‘here’ to download a copy of the ‘Constat d’accident’ form (in French and English). Both parties have to provide a copy to their insurance company. If no one else is involved in the accident, you can either fill it in anyway or write to your insurance company explaining the circumstances of your accident.


Your vehicle has to be seen by a loss adjuster in the garage where it is going to be repaired. We suggest that you choose a garage agreed by your insurance company as they are professional body repair work specialists, observant of the norms and perfectly equipped. You often have advantages in choosing an agreed garage, such as a replacement car during the time of the repairs, checks done to your vehicle such as fluid levels and interior and exterior clean.


If the damage is not too important, the assessment of the vehicle can be done by photos sent to the loss adjuster via email. This is a very quick method where there is no need for an appointment with a loss adjuster. The photos take a few minutes and the loss adjuster will give the garage the authority to repair with a day or so.


However, if you choose another garage and/or if the loss adjuster has to assess the damage on site, you will have to leave the vehicle at the garage; once the assessor has seen your car, they will call you so that you can pick up your vehicle. Your car may have to stay at the garage all day.


Once the loss adjuster agrees with the estimates for repairs, the car can be repaired. You have to book the car for repairs directly with the garage.


Upon receiving the invoice and the loss adjuster’s report, we will pay the garage directly, minus your eventual excess which you will pay when picking your car up.


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