Healthcare and the PUMA system

In 2016, France introduced the PUMA system, Protection Universelle Maladie.


What does it change for an early retiree wishing to live in France?


It was created to simplify access to health care and avoid living in France with no health cover. It is also useful for self employed people in France who automatically access the French health care system and wish to stop their activity. It means for them that they can continue their health cover via the PUMA system.


For early retirees who can’t get cover via an S1 form, the access to health is based on residency in France. So if you have been in France for more than 3 months and can prove this, you can apply for the PUMA at the CPAM.


You will need to provide:

  • CERFA form the social security will ask you to fill in
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate translated
  • Proof of residence in France for more than 3 month via a household bill
  • Bank RIB
  • Declaration de ‘médecin traitant’


You will be expected to pay into the system and the amount will be based on your income;  Cpam will deliver you with a “carte Vitale” and you will be entitled to health care in France.


For retirees arriving with an S1 form, there will be nothing to pay as your health care will be paid for by the UK health authorities.


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