Choosing an insurance company…

Your choice should never be made on cost only, always remember that you get what you pay for.


A company that has been in business for many years, with the same members of staff is often a good sign.


Ask questions, your initial gut feeling is often right, how do you feel the insurance company will handle your claim? Will they deal with your claims from start to finish or will they ask you to speak to a call centre, where it might be difficult to find an English speaker and where your advisor will be different every time?


Does the staff seem helpful, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable ? Are they clear about the coverage they are offering and are they giving you different options and solutions to your request?


Finally, get several quotes, speak to your friends and neighbours and call the advisors involved in the policy set up and in the handling of claims, always bearing in mind that the day you will need them, you might be in a stressful position and therefore your agent’s response and professionalism will be of the upmost importance.


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