Burglaries are on the increase !

We have put together a list of tips with our partners Verisure to reduce the risk of break-ins.


  • Lock all entries of your home, even when you are in the property; this includes gates, windows if possible. Daylight burglaries are on the increase, they simply come in through the unlocked front door when your are in the garden or even in the house and help themselves without causing any damage.
  • Keep your jewellery safe: the first place burglars are looking for your irreplaceable jewellery is in the bedroom or bathroom; put them in a locked area that only you will know where to find them. Be inventive!
  • Be discreet on social media! 78% of burglars find out you are away from Facebook or other social media sources!
  • Prepare your holidays by informing the local authorities your are away. There is a scheme called ”operation tranquilité vacances” where you can declare to your nearest police station your holiday dates. Police rounds will be increased and your home will be particularly surveyed.
  • Neighborhood watch schemes are increasingly popular, talk to your Mairie for a free information pack.


For a free assessment of your home by our partners Verisure please contact us.


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