UK official guidelines about living in France

The government website about living in France gives a lot of information on official guidelines about general living, working, retiring and of course Brexit. From all the articles I have read from different sources, this is probably the safest!   You will find links on the French government site about Brexit which is very informative … Read more

Tips to reduce car insurance premiums

1-Opt for a limited mileage policy : If you drive less than 4000km or less than 8000km per year, you could qualify for a low mileage policy which could save you between 15 to 20%.   2-Understand and check your cover: If your car is worth very little, don’t insure it fully comprehensive; cut out … Read more

Towing a caravan or trailer in France

….what are the requirements.   Rule 1: General legal requirements All caravans or trailers have to display a number plate. Failing to display a number plate could result in a fine that can go up to 750 euros maximum, in the same way as not being able to show the police your driving license, registration … Read more