No Claims bonus for car insurance

The no claims bonus in France is expressed in coefficient, and not in percentage. It starts at coefficient 1 as a new driver. The coefficient that is earned is multiplied by 0.95 each year without claim at fault until it reaches 0.50 which is the maximum entitlement.   For instance with a coefficient at 0.72 … Read more

All risks house insurance

What you have to declare in order to be covered and what is excluded   An all risks (multirisques) insurance policy will cover, not only your public liability, but your home, personal belongings, and those of your household.   The risks covered will include those of fire, explosion, theft and flooding, leaks, storms, snow, vandalism, … Read more

Breakdown Assistance in France

Breakdown assistance is almost always included in the insurance.   In case of break down, the insured must call the assistance provider as it is them who organise the recovery. They will recover the vehicle to the nearest garage, and organise to take the driver and passengers home, or wherever they were travelling to.   … Read more

Register your car in France

A step by step guide on using the ANTS site to register your car   Once you have collected all the required documents to file your application for registering your vehicle bought within the European Union, you should register it via the ANTS system (AGENCE NATIONALE DES TITRES SÉCURISÉS) and create a France connect account. You will … Read more

Travel safe: 10 things to do before going on holiday

The holiday season is round the corner.   It may sound obvious, but before you do anything else, make sure you have comprehensive car insurance and home insurance in place. If you have any insurance-related questions, please do contact us – our expert insurance advisors will be more than happy to assist.   Although the … Read more

How to Register a second hand car in France since November 2017

Since November 2017 it is no longer possible to register the sale of secondhand car at the Préfecture , the office that used to handle registrations. Everything must now be done online.   Registration of the vehicle is now done on the website of the Agence nationale des Titres Sécurisées – ANTS. This agency is … Read more


The national speed-limit on ordinary roads (i.e. excluding divided highways and motorways) will go down from 90 km/hr to 80 km/hr, as from July 1st. Motorway speed limit will remain at 130km/hr and dual carriageways at 110 km/hr. HANDS FREE mobile-phone use is banned in France. Regarding the use of a mobile phone while driving, … Read more

Burglaries are on the increase !

We have put together a list of tips with our partners Verisure to reduce the risk of break-ins.   Lock all entries of your home, even when you are in the property; this includes gates, windows if possible. Daylight burglaries are on the increase, they simply come in through the unlocked front door when your … Read more

How to declare a vehicle accident

Accidents have to be declared to your insurance company within 5 working days.   The ‘Constat d’accident’ needs to be filled in by both parties, click ‘here’ to download a copy of the ‘Constat d’accident’ form (in French and English). Both parties have to provide a copy to their insurance company. If no one else is involved … Read more